The 56K stream is for anyone using an ISDN or higher speed connection to the internet.It is higher sound quality then the 32K stream. You can listen to the stream through live365's player which will show the current track and last two tracks that were played. There is also a button that will launch Winamp if for some reason the Live365 player fails or is not supported by your browser. Please use the backup player ONLY if the Live365 player fails.
UnderGround HipHop :
Title:Natural Born Killaz Atomic DogTime - 6:55
Title:N/ATime - 0:22
Title:Renegades - Dangerous Justify My LoveTime - 5:31
Title:Brutal-Epic OvertureTime - 4:02
Title:The Criminal Minds-PresenceTime - 5:27
Title:Digital Sappers-Pick MindTime - 5:32